Christmas Prayer 2020

Photo taken by Mandy Sweigart-Quinn

Father God, thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to be born of a virgin, taking on flesh to dwell among sinful people to reconcile the whomsoever to Yourself.

Lord God, comfort those who are struggling today. Lord God, bring Peace today to those who are hurting. Lord God, thank You that NO earthly government will ever overrule Your Kingdom! Praise You Triune God that Jesus is seated at Your Right Hand ruling over nations because of His birth, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

Lord God, whether Jesus was born on December 25 or in the spring or fall matters not; all that matters is that our Savior indeed was born and that He is real, He is alive and He is Immanuel, God with us! Yes and Amen, Lord! Father God, as Alan said yesterday, thank You that everyday for those who are in Christ have a White Christmas knowing that You are white, pure and perfect like snow and that for believers they are clothed in white robes with forgiven sins!

Triune God may we NEVER separate the Incarnation and the Resurrection. Without Jesus’s birth, there is no hope of salvation, without the Resurrection, Jesus is just another man who died. Praise God, that Jesus is both fully God and fully Man. May we savor and worship Jesus in greater awe and wonder this day.

Thank You Lord for this reader. May Your Presence be their greatest Christmas Present! Lord God, Praise You that Peace is a Person and His Name is Jesus! Triune God, Father, Son, Spirit work on the hearts of those far from You and strengthen and give confidence to Your people. Lord God, remind this reader that Jesus loves them and so do I! Amen.

Merry Christmas!

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Blue Collar Theologian

My name is Mandy Sweigart-Quinn, I live in Lancaster, PA and I am a “Blue Collar Theologian.” I love Jesus! I am passionate about His Word (The Holy Bible)! I come alive when I can encourage others in their walk with Jesus (whether by writing or speaking). As a “Blue Collar Theologian” it is my aim to live/practice/work out my Christian hope with sincerity, authenticity and genuineness. As a “Blue Collar Theologian,” I strive to meet people right where they are (“Incarnational Theology”). I graduated in May 2019 from Capital Seminary and Graduate School with a Master's in Biblical Studies. I am a passionate, excited and enthusiastic person! I love flowers, sports and sunsets. Since January 2, 2018 I have had the privilege of being married to Nathan.

57 thoughts on “Christmas Prayer 2020”

  1. Merry Christmas, Mandy, to you Nathan and your Mom! Thank you for this beautiful prayer! I hope you’re all having a blessed day! What a wondrous thought to contemplate today, the incarnation of the Son of God in the divine plan to save all those who place their trust in Him by faith alone.

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      1. No problem, Crissy!! I am sorry in advance for the times I don’t notice that autocorrect spells your name with an “h”! My husband gave me those flowers the other day and so yesterday morning I loved how wide the one rose opened and said that’s my Christmas blog pic! I am SO thankful that God has us following each other’s blogs! You are loved and prayed for!!

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  2. Sorry got caught up busy with urgent pastoral duties this morning and afternoon! Saw your comment and now getting back to you: Wow, I’m not much of a Marvel guy but if I like one it probably is Wolverine! Do you like any Marvel characters yourself? Concerning refuting alleged Bible contradictions, that would be neat to see you write up refutations! I’m ears…

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      1. Wow, that would be neat to see you tackle that! Personally I’m glad to see more Christian responses to the Skeptic Annotated Bible and with your background that would be a big plus. Would love to host it on my blog, your response!


    1. Nathan says, “it’s a comic that didn’t make a very long run. I thought it was a really great comic when I was a kid. I always wanted to be a soldier so I’m sure that contributed to my glamorization of being a soldier. Spawn was my other favorite comic book as a kid.” Nathan hasn’t given any specific titles of comic books to read.

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      1. Wow as a kid I always wanted to read Spawn! But it was more expensive from image and also it was more violent and gory so it was not in my list of comics; this is memory lane!

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      1. Wow crazy! Our place we live at now is pretty quiet. In the past sometimes we have sleepover at church for New Years’ count down and the area our church is at is a little more ghetto and the amount of illegal fireworks and gun shots fired in the air is incredible. Is fireworks not go well where you live because of trees???

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