Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am SO thankful for the opportunity to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her in person this year! When I was younger, I always combined Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday together. It is a well known fact that a few times in my younger years, I waited until May 15th to buy my mom her present. I look back on that and laugh! I am so thankful for my mom’s patience with me!

Other than going to church today, I have no clue what she will want to do today. I am excited to celebrate her! I am praying that the gifts Nathan and I found for my mom this year are better than last year’s! (This is what I got her last year, if you’re a curious soul like myself: My mom loves flowers and she always says how she doesn’t know anything about Florida’s flora and fauna; so, I got her some books—bad move, Mandy! She also said she missed some of her old music she had on cds so I got her a small CD player and some cds—I am still learning just because a person says something, doesn’t mean they actually want it!)

What humbles me about my mom is how much she matters to so many people. My mom is a wise woman and it is a joy to hear how much people love my mom and how she has helped them. I don’t know why God picked my mom for me, but I am glad He did! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

Lord God, thank You and praise You that You are a life affirming God. In a day in age where people are seeking to destroy and end life, help us to celebrate life! Lord, may we never cease celebrating You, the Author and Giver of Life! Thank You Lord for my mom! Thank You for this life You have given her. Lord, may this new year be one of blessing and growth in You. Lord, thank You for this reader! Thank You for the opportunity to share You and mom to the whomsoever that reads this. Fill this reader with Your joy and peace today. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.