LA, here I come!

After a beautiful few days with my mom, I am now sitting at the Tampa airport waiting to board my flight for LA. Many of you who read this blog also read SlimJim at The Domain for Truth (I highly recommend his blog if you don’t already read it!).

Jimmy and I started reading each other’s blogs in the summer of 2019. After communicating with Jimmy through the blogging world, when churches were shut down due to Covid (Nathan and I were not part of a local body at that time), we asked Jimmy if we could join their online church service. From there I learned about the Tuesday night Bible study and I started attending that. (Praise God I was able to meet a BEAUTIFUL young woman through that Study who spent the 4th of July 2021 with Nathan and I!!!)

From there I heard the adults of the church were sharing their testimonies with the youth and I volunteered to share mine if the church was interested. That was a great moment for me because I have been able to share with the youth since that time. I am so blown away by the youths’ ability to show up on Saturday morning for Study!

The agony and the ecstasy of life is a tension that we continually experience. While I am still sad about my mom, I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to visit Jimmy and his family in person. Tears of sorrow will God willing soon be turned to tears of joy. Nathan has to work or otherwise him and I would have come out to visit together.

I can honestly say that I care very deeply for each reader of this blog. I do my very best to write like I talk so that when we meet (whether in this life or in Heaven) you will know it’s me!

Getting to know many of you outside of WordPress has been such an amazing joy and honor! I NEVER in my life imagined the people the Lord would allow me to meet through this platform.

While Covid has changed and disrupted all of our lives, it is not lost on me that blessings have occurred and friendships have formed through it.

Lord God, thank You for this blogging family. Lord God, thank You for all those whom You have allowed meet through WordPress. Thank You God for those who have wanted to communicate further outside of WordPress as well. Thank You God for the ministry of my fellow bloggers. I pray Lord that we will point others to Christ in a manner that glorifies You, encourages the Body and leads the lost to You!!!! Thank You and praise You Lord for Jimmy and his family. Thank You Lord for friendships that have formed through adversity. Thank You Lord for the gift of today. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.